Are you looking for a property to rent in London? Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions on how to rent a property.
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Is an Inventory and check in required?
Yes, if renting a property through Keatons you will have both. This protects your deposit come the end of your tenancy.
Will Keatons deal with the deposit dispute if there is one?
We will do everything we can to try and resolve any issues to avoid a dispute, however should it need to be formally disputed this will be directly with the scheme.
How much is the deposit?
A minimum of 6 weeks deposit will be held.
What referencing do you require?
You will need to be able to provide 3 years employment and 3 years residential history, as well as being credit checked. If you do not meet our criteria then a guarantor may be required.
Can we get parking permits?
Depending on the local authority, you may be able to get a space; however, you should always check with your consultant and never assume you can apply.
What payment methods do you accept?
We can take a card payment via our online system or a bank transfer. Cash, AMEX and personal cheques are not accepted.
Who holds the deposit and when do we get it back?
Your tenancy agreement will state with whom your deposit is held. Deposits are usually returned within a month of you moving out, but this can be significantly longer or shorter depending on whether there is a dispute or not.
Will the landlord accept pets?
Some landlords will, however you will need to check with your agent.
Does the rent include any bills?
Most properties do not have bills included in the rent, but properties that do will usually have this stated in the marketing description and tenancy agreement. If you are unsure, ask your dedicated consultant.
How do we put an offer forward?
Your consultant will guide you through the process. This will involve fully understanding your requirements and position so we can clearly forward this to the landlord. An application fee will need to be paid at this point to secure the property.
Can the rent be paid from each tenant or is it from one bank account?
Keatons collect rent by direct debit and it needs to be paid one from account.
Do we all need to be referenced?
All tenants moving in will need to be fully referenced.
How much is the council tax?
This will vary depending on the local authority. Please refer to their websites for banding advice.
What happens if the landlord changes their mind once my offer has been accepted?
You will receive a full refund of monies paid.
FAQ For Tenants
If you are looking how to rent an apartment in dubai, Empires Heights will be your personal assistant in the world of property. Based on our professional experience, we have summarized some questions that our clients usually ask for your trouble-free renting experience in Dubai.

How a rent value is determined?

A landlord and a tenant can together determine the value and after that specify in the corresponding paper. The price is calculated on the base of the received data from the Committee. Also, the rent value is determined on the current market demand for the property in Dubai.

Who is liable for maintenance the property?
During all the period of validity contract, a tenant is liable for undertaking the maintenance of the property in a good condition as well as rectifies all the defects and faults which can occur.

How often a landlord can raise the rent?
A landlord can increase the rent price up to 20% according to the laws. If the current price for property is lower for 10-20% that an average price in the same neighborhood, a landlord can increase the payment at about 5%. In fact, a landlord should notice you with a 90-day period if he or she is going to raise the rent.

If a landlord has decided to sell the property?
In case if your landlord has decided to sell the property, he/she is responsible to give you a 12 months' written notice.

What types of hidden costs can be?
Also, you need to cover Ejari fees, 5% housing fee and refundable security deposit and the discussed fee for the agency. The refund can be on leaving and some of the security deposits cannot be refundable.

How to rent property in dubai?
How to rent apartment fast and without complications? We prepare for you some steps to follow so that you have to pay special attention:
· Firstly, be confident that your real estate agent is registered;
· Secondly, write all the cheques towards to the landlord and you are liable to ask for a copy of a landlord's passport and the title deeds;
· Then, you or your real estate agent can check if a landlord has paid the service charges;
· Also, we recommend you to check the outstanding bills and if there are unpaid bills, a landlord has to pay it before you set up a new account;
· Do not forget to check the maintenance issues and if there are some, we recommend you to take care of it beforehand;
· You can take photos and let your agent r a landlord know in case to decrease the possible problems.

How to rent house in dubai without problems?
If you want to minimize complication when choosing the property for rent, we recommend taking into account the following:
· an amount of rent fee;
· security deposit;
· if there is furniture in the apartment or not;
· the neighborhood, because the location is significant for many of our clients who don't want to spend hours in the traffic jams.
Our professionals always know how to rent property for a reasonable price and according to all your needs and requirements.
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