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So, you are ready to sell your property? Have you paid off your mortgage? Is the price you have set realistic? Will prospective buyers be able to make it to the viewing timings you have allotted? There is a lot to think about when you are selling your property. Use our handy guide to ensure you are prepared for your upcoming sale.
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Sell Property in the UAE
If you have decided to sell any type of property in the UAE, you will definitely need to ask a real estate agent to help you. Our real estate agents can help you to rent, buy and sell any type of properties, because when you sell property in Dubai, you should pay special attention for a variety of processes.

How to Present Property for Sale?
We know how to present your property in the best possible way, so that you will have more opportunities to buy and sell the property in Dubai fast and without significant complications on the way. We double check all the details in the apartment, flat, villa or at any other place in order to make it attractive for the potential buyer.

Market Appraisal
When you have made a decision to sell, price is the first thing you are interested in. It is a great part of work to search the market, compare the objects, and finally define the price that will be acceptable both for a seller and for a buyer. We are ready to consult you concerning the current market situation in the industry and advice you on achievable sales price. We have been worked efficiently in the real estate dubai property sell market and we know how to set a realistic price.

How to Market
Being your professional and trusting assistant, we are ready to perform the best photo of your real estate property. Also, for your attention, we demonstrate website listing, banners, and brochures if you wish.

The Procedures for Selling Real Estate in the UAE
As you know, each country has its own procedures and laws when it deals with selling or buying a real estate, the UAE is not an exception. We want you to demonstrate a list of obligatory procedures for a successful deal:

- A buyer and a seller agree terms and requirements of the deal;
- To sign the Memorandum of Understanding;
- To pay a deposit (it is accepted to be about 10%);
- A seller and a buyer meet to apply for a No Objection Certificate in order to sell the property;
- After all the details are agreed and the NOC is issues, the parties can transfer the ownership in the Dubai Land Department.

Our Advantages
We want to highlight the advantages which you receive in the mutual cooperation with our company:

- Safety- we guarantee protection of all the deals concerning sell property in UAE on state level;
- Support- our professional team will always help you to solve any problems towards the deal;
- Financial Consulting-you can rely on our professional financial group that will help you to make financial operations such as transferring money etc.
- Language barriers- if you are not ready to conduct negotiations because of the language barrier, we are ready to help you, because our professional team can speak your language.
- Experience – we are proud of being one of the leading agencies in the real estate industry, so that we are always aware of the latest trends and changes in the market of real estate.

If you do not have enough time to understand all the details, a trusted agency is a right place for you to guide the sales process.

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